3 Signs You Need Relationship Coaching

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The US divorce rate currently stands at just over two couples for every one hundred marriages. Gradually in decline, part of this may be down to the availability of healthy relationship advice. So how can you use it to better your relationships?

As a couple or a single, there are people available to assist. Read on as we discuss relationship coaching and why you should consider it. 

What Is a Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach is a trained expert who understands interpersonal relationships and how couples work. Their aim is to help resolve issues that may otherwise result in a separation. Restoring stability and respect is their main focus. 

However, they can also be used for singles who need relationship life coaching. This is generally used with people who are having trouble forming relationships or finding a partner. 

How Does It Work?

A relationship coach does not provide you with the answers. Nor will they decide who is right in an argument. Instead, they will help you set up personal targets that resolve conflict, either as a couple or in your own life. 

This is done by envisioning what you want your relationships to look like or be. A time frame will be decided upon which could be in five years or twenty. From here, smaller goals are created and the whole process is made easier to achieve. 

Signs You and Your Partner May Need Relationship Advice

There are points and signs in a relationship you may need help. These may just be arising, or they could have bubbled under the surface for some time. 

1. Betrayal

Betrayal is one of the major causes of problems in a relationship. Though it could be an incident of cheating, it can take many other forms. Financial betrayal or siding with others in disagreements are common. 

Eventually, large secrets will out and this is when betrayal becomes a big issue. If one or both of you is having trouble coming to terms with it or regaining trust, then visit a coach for relationship advice.

2. Good Times Are Few but Bad Times Are Many

Disagreements and arguments are normal in a relationship, and even healthy. However, a time may come when you begin to feel this is a constant occurrence. Once negativity becomes the norm, you have an issue. 

These arguments don’t have to be huge blowouts. Many include small micro-interactions or general disagreements on small issues. For every one of these, you should be able to pinpoint around five positive ones for a healthy relationship. 

3. You Don’t Communicate

Even minor communication issues can cause huge rifts in a relationship. If people get it wrong, then others can feel misunderstood and that they are not getting respect. This results in an inevitable breakdown in the relationship. 

More worrying is when you stop communicating altogether. Even arguments are better because it shows you still care about the relationship. When you stop, it shows you may have just about given up. 

Therapists will help you understand how each person prefers to communicate. This prevents any misunderstanding and clears channels. 

Signs You May Need Relationship Coaching as a Single

As a single, forming relationship can be as hard. You may have ended a long-term partnership or may be sick of short, failed experiments. 

1. You Feel Directionless

If you don’t have a direction in life, it can be hard to hold down other relationships. Perhaps you are not in the right career, you need financial security or you just don’t know what you want anyway. By forming goals you can become happier and more confident, even if you have not yet achieved them. 

A coach will begin by trying to find out what you value and desire from life. From here, they will help you set smaller achievable goals that work toward your bigger target. This will give direction, and purpose while helping you reach your relationship goals.  

2. Dating Is Going Nowhere

If you are having numerous dates but none seem to go anywhere, then a coach can help. Perhaps your social skills are halting them before they even get started, or perhaps you quickly realize they are not what you want. For this, you need to hire a dating coach that will help you move the relationship on. 

3. Fear Gets the Better of You

Everyone has fear, but only some people let it dictate their life and choices. It may be that you have been previously hurt and fear it happening again. 

To progress, you need to put these fears to one side. A coach will put in actionable steps to help you overcome this burden. With a plan in place, you will soon have a change in perspective and see how to improve your standing. 

What to Look For in a Relationship Coach

Not all relationship coaches are created equal. There are a few indicators you should look for that signify the one you have chosen is working in your best interests.

They should accept you for who you are. Changing you should not be forced, but it should align with the goals you have set. A great coach will encourage you to be a better version of yourself. 

Their position must always be neutral, not criticizing or judging. Solutions will be provided by them but decided on by yourself. This will allow you to reach a much higher level of functioning.  

Finding a Coach

Now you know all about relationship coaching, you can decide if it is right for you. If you recognize any of the problems above then they need to be rectified. You just need to find the right coach to guide you. 

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