8 Benefits of Hiring a Relationship Coach

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Around 95% of coaching clients say their coaches are either “good” or “excellent.” And there are all types of great coaches available. These include career, life, fitness, and relationship coaches.

If you’re considering couples counseling or another form of outside help, hiring a relationship coach could be a better option for you.

But if you don’t know much about relationship life coaching, you might be skeptical. How effective is it? Will it be able to strengthen your relationship and address your specific concerns?

This guide lists some of the great relationship coaching benefits. So you can feel good about your decision to hire one.

1. Coaches Are Not Therapists

Seeing a couple’s counselor or therapist can be daunting. It seems like something you do as a last resort. And if you believe everything you see on TV and in movies, couple’s counseling almost never works!

But a relationship coach is not a therapist. It’s not their job to help you work on your mental health or deal with past traumas. They focus only on the present and future of your relationship.

Relationship coaching also doesn’t have any stigma attached to it as couple’s therapy does. You could tell your loved ones that you are seeing a relationship coach causing alarm.

2. Improve Your Self Esteem

Coaches can also give you pep talks which will improve your self-esteem in a way that therapists often can’t. They will be able to help you both address your negative thoughts. These are thoughts like people pleasing, fears of rejection, and thinking you don’t deserve to ask for what you want.

They will be able to tell you that you do deserve what you want.

This relationship advice has a snowball effect as it will help you be more assertive and honest. This will lead to better communication, support, and less resentment in your relationship.

3. Identify Negative Patterns

Some couples know that they have a problem, but they can’t pinpoint the reason. Relationship coaches can help you examine your daily schedule and any changes in your relationship that may be affecting you.

You might be stuck in a work-TV-sleep cycle and need ideas on how to break free. Or, if you’ve moved to a different city, nothing might seem “wrong,” but it’s shifted the foundations of your relationship.

Coaches can give you relationship tips and homework to help you develop healthier habits and patterns. You’re far more likely to agree to try something new like a couple’s hike if you have a coach holding you accountable!

4. Have Skills To Deal With Tough Situations

Relationship coaches have seen it all. They’ve dealt with grieving couples, serial cheaters, jealousy, and much more. Whatever your issues are, you can guarantee that you will not shock your relationship coach.

And unlike your work colleagues and barista, they have the skills to help you deal with various problems. You can feel secure knowing they won’t give you biased or judgmental advice that will harm your relationship. You can trust them with your most intimate details.

5. Help You Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries in relationships is vital, but so few couples know how to do this well. Many people feel like they are asking for something ridiculous and or asking for too much.

Boundaries can be small, specific things like asking your partner to put the cap back on the toothpaste. Or they can be big, overarching things like asking your partner to always be honest. Here are some more examples of boundaries:

  • Not bombarding your partner with conversation and questions right as they get home from work
  • Sending a text to let your partner know you’re safe after a flight
  • Discussing important decisions together
  • Not allowing shouting or raised voices

Sometimes setting boundaries can feel like nagging. Relationship coaches can give you the assurance that you are not being unreasonable.

6. Provide a Safe Space

Let’s say you’ve tried to fix your relationship issues time and time again. One of you might end up raising your voice, and one of you might end up in tears. Doors get slammed, and walls get punched.

It’s not productive or healthy, and these behaviors might deter you from trying to fix your issues again. But when you work with a relationship coach, they can give you a safe space. You’re far less likely to snap when someone else is in the room.

Having someone else in the room can also make you realize which of your behaviors are destructive. If you’re unwilling to talk to your partner in a certain way in front of someone else, then you’ll know not to do it in private.

7. See Instant Results

News flash: relationship coaches don’t fix relationships. The people in the relationships do. Yup, you’re still going to have to do the hard work.

But a relationship coach can set homework and give you tasks so that you see instant results. These might be things like giving your partner a compliment every day or trying something new together each week.

Saying nice things to your partner and spending quality time with them can only enhance your relationship. Ergo, you’ll start seeing improvements straight away.

8. Give You Hope for the Future

Seeking external help for your relationship problems is a positive and optimistic step. The fact that you both do not want to give up on your relationship means there is hope. You still love and desire each other, and you’re determined to find a solution to make it work.

Committing to seeing a relationship coach is further than many other couples in rocky relationships are able to go. And after your first session, the future will only look brighter for both of you.

Contact a Relationship Coach Today

Admitting you need outside help in your relationship isn’t easy, but it can save it. So if you are both ready and willing to work with a relationship coach, there is no reason why hiring one won’t help. In fact, it may make your relationship the best it’s ever been.

Mend the Bond offers lots of tips and guides on strengthening your relationships. Now you know the amazing benefits of relationship coaches, you need to find one. Learn how to hire a coach with this useful guide!

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