8 Ways To Build A Symbiotic Relationship

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You may think that all you need to build a symbiotic relationship is love and affection. Sorry for breaking your bubble, but that’s only what happens in movies. In reality, that is far from being true. Of course, love and care are needed, and there are no alternatives to that, but there are many things that both individuals need to create a cooperative, fulfilling relationship.

There is no tried and tested formula that you can apply to develop your relationship, but there are a few ways and steps that you can follow to grow and maintain your relationship into one that is caring, fulfilling, and healthy. Continue reading to find out what these eight easy ways to build a symbiotic relationship are.

1. Accept Your Partner For Who They Are

Movies and TV shows have painted such a fairy tale image of relationships in our minds that we think that the person we will be with should be perfect. Of course, they will be perfect for you, but they are humans too. This means that they come with their set of flaws, just like you.

They may not always have the correct timing, they may forget important things sometimes, they may be a little shy in front of your friends, but you will get past these things when you accept them as they are- with all their qualities as well as their flaws. Take off your rose-tinted glasses and look at them and accept them as they are. This is the first step to building a long, fruitful relationship.

2. Own Who You Are

Just like you should accept your partner for who they are, be comfortable being who you are. Be comfortable with your strengths, weaknesses, likes, interests, and dislikes. If you try to change your preferences just to please your partner, you will become drained at some point. That could be shocking for the other person.

If you like rock music while they enjoy country music, embrace this difference. If you don’t share the same food preferences, don’t try to change them completely for the other person. In short, be yourself unapologetically from the start, so there are no surprises later.

3. Communication Is The Key

In any relationship, romantic or not, arguments and differences are bound to happen. You may expect one thing while the other person may expect something else, eventually leading to confusion and conflicts with no fault of anyone. In times like these—and basically, always—make sure that the heat of the moment doesn’t sweep you into a fit of rage that you will regret later.

It’s difficult at first but learn to put your emotions aside and communicate. Get your point across and listen to what the other person has to say.

You must have heard this many times before because it is that important: constant communication is the key to a healthy, cooperative relationship! Work on that.

4. Be Comfortable With The Silences As Well

Although humans are social beings, everyone wants some quiet time. Take space when you need or want it, and be comfortable giving the same space to the other person when they need it.

Sharing quality time does not always have to be doing something together. It could also be being together in comfortable silence, doing whatever you want, and letting the other person do what they want.

One could cook while the other could read a book. One could be practicing their music while the other could be watering the plants. Or they could be seated together, doing nothing and enjoying the silence between them.

When two individuals are peaceful in silence, it reflects that they are truly comfortable with each other.

5. Be Curious To Know What The Other Person Needs

The world today has become so fast that we are always occupied with one thing or the other. However, if you want to build a strong symbiotic relationship, you must make time to be curious about your partner’s needs.

After a long day at work, sit together for some time and engage in conversation. Ask each other about work, about families, what their immediate plans are if something is bothering them, etc.

If you feel the other person is unusually silent, ask them if something is bothering them. Observe each other’s non-verbal cues. Gently talk about it if something seems odd.

6. Have Separate Lives

While both of you need strong communication and ample love to stay connected, don’t let the entire focus of your life shift on the person’s life.

Have some goals and aspirations, some activities that you do together, but at the same time, be comfortable being on your own. Have a life with your aspirations and goals as well.

7. Set Boundaries And Roles

It is better to set boundaries and roles from the start to avoid conflicts later on. To build a symbiotic relationship, know what responsibilities each of you has.

Decide who cooks the food on what days, who does the laundry, who pays the bills, who pick up the groceries, etc. The lesser such surprises, the lesser the chance of sudden arguments.

8. Surprises Are Necessary Though!

While free-flowing communication and setting boundaries are necessary, this is not to say that there should not be any surprises. Surprises bring excitement to life as well as a little kick to your relationship.

If your partner is thinking of getting something for themselves, buy it for them and surprise them. Book a short vacation to the destination they wish to travel to.

It doesn’t have to be something big. Get them a succulent for their desk if they like plants. Cook them their favorite meal, so they get pleasantly surprised after a busy day at work. Adopt a fur baby if they like pets. There are so many things you can do!


No relationship in the world can be nurtured without time and care. Even if there is not any guaranteed method to build your relationship into a healthy, cooperative one, there are many small steps you can take in that direction. Start with the eight easy steps we have shared above.

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