How are Love and Sex Connected?

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Love and sex – are they connected? This is a question that can be answered in many ways and one that many people have varying opinions on. Some people think you cannot have one without the other, and some find that the two are distinct sides of any relationship. One thing is for sure they are both important to a successful relationship.

But how are they connected? Are they connected? This is what we are going to look at in this article.

Reasons Why Love & Sex Go Hand In Hand

These varying opinions make figuring out if love and sex are connected difficult for some. But there are a lot of signs that the two aspects are inseparable in some ways. Here are a few of those:

Same Origins

Taking out the human factor and just getting down to science, both of these emotions – love and sexual desire – have been found to originate in the same portion of the brain. In 2012 researchers discovered that these emotions start in the insular cortex, and the fact that they both come from the same place might be a good indication that they are highly connected.

The two emotions can also result in similar feelings and reactions in the brain. This is why people get that heightened feeling after sex as they are releasing the happy hormones two-fold, and their brains are confused by this. That results in an after-sex high that may cause some to forget that this was supposed to be just a physical thing and start to develop feelings.

Trust and Comfort

The truth is, as much as many people tout the experience of one-night stands, you don’t know that person, and there is always a lack of trust on both your parts. This lack of trust can affect the entire sexual experience. There is always a level of self-consciousness in this situation, but if there is love present, that trust has been formed, and you feel freer of judgment.

This freedom will leave the participants open to experiment and let them be more open about what they want or don’t want. That will help you have a full experience that will elevate the pleasure you feel and allow you to really connect with your partner.

No Sex Leads To Problems

If love and sex were not connected, then why would marriages fall apart when they have troubles in the bedroom? Lacking the physical and trying to survive on just the emotional often leads one or both parties in the relationship to look for that fulfillment in other places. In a loving relationship with both love and physical satisfaction, you see less of this, and both parties tend to be happier.

Sex Can’t Be A Stand In

There are those out there that are looking for love but haven’t found it. Sometimes these individuals try to fill that space with one-night stand after one-night stand. But they soon find that it is just an endless cycle that leads them to constantly have to be on the lookout for the next sexual escapade. That can be exhausting mentally (and physically).

More Fulfillment

Staying in the science world, there have also been studies on sexual fulfillment both in a loving relationship and a casual encounter. This research showed that most women feel that if the sex is between two people who are in love, the experience is heightened.

More Meaningful

You can most definitely have sex and have that be all the interaction is, but the mental and emotional part of the experience will be lacking. That will decrease the enjoyment. In other words, the body will be satisfied but the brain will not. However, if there is some level of love present, that experience will deepen the connection with the other party, giving you a more meaningful and well-rounded enjoyment.

Deepen Feelings

If there is love present in a relationship, these two tend to have sex more frequently. This, in turn, depends on the love and allows for more trust to be built between the participants. One seems to feed the other in a perpetual cycle, and that shows a true connection between love and sex.

Issues That Might Arise From A Disconnection of Love and Sex

The accurate way to show the connection between love and sex is to look at the problems that may crop up in relationships where the two are not feeding off of each other. Things like:

  • You may experience a feeling of emptiness after a loveless sexual encounter. This is because you have not fulfilled all your needs, which may lead you to be on a perpetual hunt for that next intimate experience.
  • Maybe you might think that love and sex are the same. This might lead to some pretty uncomfortable misunderstandings. These may cause you more harm emotionally and mentally than other intimate situations.
  • When love and sex are used in unison, both parties will have their needs fulfilled by each other. If, however, they are not, you may end up being used by someone or even using someone yourself for your own needs. This will lessen the enjoyment of the experience for most. It may also have an impact on your self-esteem.
  • Even if you love someone immensely, if sex is not part of the relationship, you may find yourself losing that person. We all have needs, and in a loving relationship, you and your partner will need to make sure that each other’s needs are met.

Final Thoughts

So how are love and sex connected? They radiate from the same part of our brain, which gives them a connection. The chemicals are released at the same, and that too shows a connection.

You can see the results of keeping them as isolated emotions in many situations, leading to emotional and mental struggles. Though you can have both separately when you have both together, the sexual experience and feelings will be deeper than you might expect.

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