How to Be a Better Husband

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If you’re newly married, you’re probably over the moon with happiness and excitement. It’s the next step in your life’s journey, and you get to spend it with the person you love.

With that being said, as a newlywed man, you might not know how to be a good husband. You see all these men around you doing the bare minimum and being bad husbands, and it just doesn’t seem right.

Or maybe you’ve been married a while and your wife wants a divorce, this article is the first step.

You want to be a better husband. Maybe you want to be a better husband than you have been, or perhaps you want to be a better husband than all of the deadbeats out there.

Today we are going to tell you how you can be a better husband.

How to Be a Better Husband

Stop Interrupting Her

Men often think that what we have to say is the most important thing and needs to be said right now. We also often believe that we know best and that no matter what, we need to relay our crucial information to our wives as soon as possible.

We tend to interrupt because we think that we know best. If someone always interrupts you and never lets you finish a sentence, you know just how annoying this can be.

Guys, let your wife talk and let her finish her sentences, even her whole thoughts. Wait your turn to talk.

This will make your wife feel like you are listening to her and that you value her opinion. Whether man or woman, it’s what most of us want—someone to listen and make us feel important. You won’t make anybody feel important if you keep interrupting them.

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Share Your Feelings

There is a common opinion that men shouldn’t have feelings, and if they do, they shouldn’t talk about them.

While this may have been acceptable a few decades ago, it isn’t the case anymore. If you want to be a better husband, you need to share your feelings with your wife, and you need to be honest about them.

A big part of being a good husband and having a successful marriage is having both parties openly talk and communicate their feelings.

Being a good husband is not just doing things for your wife, but also letting her know what she can do for you and letting her know how you feel.

Men often say, “I’m not psychic!” because it often seems like women expect men to just know what to do and say.

Simply put, tell your wife how you feel. Honesty and communication are crucial for a successful and long-lasting marriage.

Help Out Around the House

One of the things that causes so many fights in marriages is that men never want to do any real housework.

Like with sharing feelings, the opinion that women are meant to do all of the housework is long gone. This is not 1950 anymore; the man is no longer the sole breadwinner, and the woman is no longer the housewife.

Think of it this way, if you have kids and you still follow that 1950s outlook on life, you as the man work; then you come home and put your feet up.

For the wife taking care of the kids, her job is 24/7, so it never ends. One of the best things you can do is help out around the house to be a better husband.

Figure out how to use the washing machine and do the laundry. Clean the kitchen and do the dishes, even when it’s not your turn.

Bust out the vacuum and get to sucking up some dust bunnies. Whatever it may be, a part of being a good husband is to share the workload with your wife. Marriages should be equal in every regard, and this includes the division of labor in the home.

Respect Her Friends

We men often don’t get along too well with our wives’ friends. It’s not always the case, but often. Whether you like your wife’s friends or whether they like you is totally irrelevant.

Those are your wife’s friends, the people who have been at her side, possibly for decades. You need to be nice to them for no other reason than because they are your wife’s friends.

All too often, husbands and wives get into fights due to issues with friends. If you want to be a better husband, be nice to your wife’s friends, but keep the focus on her.

If you are continually fighting with her friends, it will put a lot of stress on your marriage and friendship. Forcing your wife to choose between you and her friends will never end well for anybody involved.

Keep in Shape

Marriages aren’t just about looks. You married your wife because of the way she looks and dozens of other things, and hopefully, this is the case for your wife and why she married you too.

Looks are by far not the most crucial thing in a marriage. However, that said, if you have been married for quite some time, and you start letting yourself slip, your wife is going to notice that.

If you stay in shape, you will probably live longer, something that your wife will appreciate. Moreover, if you are in condition, you will probably be a more active and intriguing person.

Visit the gym a few times a week; toss the underwear with holes in it; put on a clean shirt without any stains; brush those teeth; and keep in good. Your partner deserves to see the best in you, both inside and out.

Stop Mansplaining

Mansplaining is a term used to describe when a man feels the need to explain things to a woman, even if those things are common knowledge that the woman clearly knows.

For some reason, men think that women don’t know anything and that even the smallest things need to be explained—kind of like we are doing here right now!

Many men do this, and every woman out there hates it, and for a good reason—it makes a woman look and feel stupid. Imagine being 40 years old and having someone explain some trivial fact that you learned back in grade school.

It’s demeaning when people assume that you don’t know anything. When it comes to your marriage, if you want to be a better husband, assume your wife knows everything, and then only explain something if she asks. Your wife probably knows more than you do—she’s not a blank slate.


Today we covered only a few of the hundreds of tips we could share with you, all of which can lead you to be a better husband.

If you really want to find out how to be a better husband, we recommend checking out the “Mend the Marriage” program, an excellent self-help guide for both men and women to have a healthier and happier marriage.

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