How to Deal With Apathy in a Relationship?

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Relationships come with a lot of challenges that both people in a relationship must face together. The strength of their bond helps them overcome challenges that may appear tough at first, but perseverance, patience, and forgiveness make these challenges a lot easier. The ups and downs of every relationship are more or less the same. However, the ones who manage to work their way past the challenges are undoubtedly the healthiest of all. But what happens when that problem solving engine breaks down? Here’s how to deal with apathy in a relationship.

Arguing over petty issues, not compromising, and begging them to stay just add to the already troubling issues that certain relationships may face. Adopting a mature approach to the problem can help you solve the matter in the best way possible. However, your maturity does not necessarily mean that you can save a drowning relationship.

Sometimes, you have to adapt to the situation and diagnose the problem of the relationship carefully before trying to find solutions.

One of the primary reasons that a lot of relationships fail is because of the lack of understanding and sympathy in the relationship. Apathy is a dangerous word when it comes to defining a relationship. It directly implies that the people involved in the relationship no longer care for how the other person is feeling. They do not react how they are expected to, which then makes matters much worse.

What Does It Mean to Feel Apathy?

Generally, people associate apathy with the feeling of demotivation. There is no longer the drive that once used to excite you and made you look forward to the day. You find yourself feeling absolutely nothing, and there is an emptiness inside you. Even worse, you may not fully understand what causes you to feel this way. This can impact your relationship very negatively, as there is little understanding between the two people in the relationship.

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Even though things are going perfectly in your relationship, you may come across the feeling of apathy at least once. However, this is not a cause of concern, as there is seldom a problem that can’t be fixed. The first step to deal with the apathy in your relationship is recognizing the problem and finding solutions to fix the problem. The fact that you are doing your research on the topic and consulting relationship experts is a good start to mending your relationship.

The feelings of indifference, hopelessness, and detachment can sometimes take over your emotions, which can lead to a very unhealthy phase of your relationship. This may even put your marriage or relationship at risk.

It is suggested that everyone experiences apathy at some point in their lives, and it is not a big deal as long as you have your feelings under control and you are seeking support for your relationship. Therefore, although apathy can ruin your relationship, it is nothing to worry about if your relationship is going through something similar if you have the heart to work on it.

Symptoms of Apathy

Diagnosing the problem is the first step to counter the lack of interest that has been developed by either you or your partner in a relationship. You may have a vague idea that you are experiencing apathy, but to put that theory to test, you can go through a list of symptoms that indicate what apathy is like.

You may experience apathy if you:

  • Are taking your relationship for granted
  • Do not have the energy to perform everyday tasks
  • Do not want to acknowledge the feelings of your partner
  • Lack motivation to deal with the problems in your life
  • Lack interest in your hobbies and trying new things

Why Do We Feel Apathetic?

The best way to fight apathy in a relationship is by targeting the root cause of the problem. By doing so, you will restrict the relationship from deteriorating further in the future. You can avoid the same mistakes that were once made by you or your partner and focus on growing the beautiful bond you share.

Thinking negatively about yourself can lead you to detach yourself from reality. The way you perceive the world is different from how others perceive it, and your negative emotions can affect your behavior.

Certain life events that hit you with an overwhelming feeling of anger and sadness may lead to apathy, or mundane routines can lead you to detach yourself from the world. Mental illnesses can also be one of the major reasons for apathetic behavior among people.

How to Mend Your Relationship

When apathy starts playing a large role in threatening your relationship, you and your partner need to start putting effort into mending the relationship the right way.

Being completely transparent about how you feel about your partner is a good way to recognize the problem. It is crucial for your partner to be understanding and communicate effectively and properly to be able to solve the problem.

Trying new things together with your partner is bound to bring the spark back into your relationship that you thought was lost. Setting long-term goals with your partner and working to achieve them will help you overcome apathy. Discussing dreams and goals will ignite the fire in your relationship that made your bond strong.

Attending a couple’s therapy or workshop is nothing to be ashamed of. Working on your relationship to save it is a good sign, and this might help you and your partner open up more freely to one another than you normally would in other circumstances.


Feeling apathetic is not a crime. Occasionally, everyone faces a situation where they find themselves feeling “nothing”. The good news is that apathy does not have to last long, and if you want to work to overcome your negative emotions, you are bound to learn something new and eventually save your relationship.

But how to deal with apathy in a relationship? At the end of the day, the best solution to your problem is to connect with your partner and rekindle the spark you once had in your relationship.

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