How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

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A long distance relationship has a 58 percent chance of success. Technological advancements, like zoom and Skype, allow people to video chat. Thus, offering an experience of closeness despite the far distance. 

However, the lack of effort and knowledge to make this work can still lead to a breakup. Fortunately, with the right strategy, any couple can make it work. Whether you are separated by a city or a country, these long distance relationship tips can help you.

Maintain Communication

Make sure to have frequent in-depth conversations. Daily communication shows you care enough to invest time and energy in the relationship. It also makes it easy to stay current on each other’s life. 

If you allow several days to pass between conversations, your ordinary experiences will fade into the background. There are various ways to communicate, such as:

  • Texting
  • Emailing
  • Video chat 

Find a schedule that works for both of you, and select a preferred method of communication. If you are busy with work or school on a particular day, inform your partner in advance and make every effort to stay in touch. If your schedule is more flexible than your spouse, remain adaptable and concentrate on something that interests you.

Visit Often

One important long distance relationship advice is to visit as much as you can. You must meet in person on every available occasion. 

Create a regular visitation schedule or prepare for the next visit as soon as the current one ends. Innovate your own rituals for your trips, such as:

  • Dining at a favorite restaurant
  • Spending a peaceful night at home
  • Engaging in a shared pastime

Facilitate travel arrangements so that they do not interfere with your time together. Determine where you will meet at the airport or railway station. 

To save time at the airport, learn to travel with one piece of luggage or leave essentials at your partner’s home. You can visit an unfamiliar location or find a place midway between the two of you.

Learn About Each Other

As with any relationship, you should invest time in getting to know and understand your partner. When talking, take notice of what your spouse appreciates most, such as hobbies or daily activities. Research and participate in them so you have more to discuss and relate.

We Are All Humans

On average, humans make 50 errors per day, and your partner is not exempt from this equation. You might idealize your significant other in a distant relationship, believing they are flawless. After that, you might get angry when your partner makes a mistake.

Remember, they are only human and probably have a lot on their mind. Maintaining daily conversations about your life can humanize your spouse. It can also make you aware of any changes that they are experiencing.

Be Supportive

Be there for your partner in times of difficulty, injury, or for any other cause. You must make yourself accessible for assistance so your significant other know you care. If they can handle severe challenges on their own, they will no longer need you. 

Interdependence means one person depends on the other and vice versa. Use that to foster a long-distance relationship where you can rely on each other. For example, if your partner is trying to quit smoking, you can be their moral support throughout the process. 

Create Trust

Make every effort to be loyal and resist temptation. If you make a mistake, it is crucial, to be honest and tell your spouse the truth, even if it would be advantageous to lie. For instance, if you place yourself in a situation of temptation, like going to the bar, be upfront about it. 

Lying might benefit you individually, but being honest would enhance your relationship. Jealousy is detrimental to a relationship. You will accomplish nothing if you expect a quick response every time your partner goes to a party. 

Discuss the Nature of the Relationship

This is where you get philosophical and ask, what is a long distance relationship? If you are only 20 minutes apart, then why are you only seeing each other once a month? Maybe it isn’t a distant thing and just something superficial.

It could be that the love and passion have fizzled out or that your partner has found someone else. This is why you should start asking questions to clarify the nature of the connection for both parties, like:

  • Are you dating?
  • Seeing each other?
  • In an open relationship?
  • Dating as a couple?
  • Are you engaged? 

You should also specify the exclusivity of the connection, like if you will be seeing other people. For instance, you may inquire: “are you willing to relocate if the relationship grows more serious?” 

Defining the relationship may spare you a great deal of sorrow and confusion in the future. These questions may be tough to ask and can lead to uncomfortable conversations. However, it is the building block to creating a connection you both want.

Create Something Together

Create something that both of you can view and share, such as a blog or digital scrapbook. This will provide you with a new way of communicating while also fostering a feeling of collaboration. You can try these activities:

  • Create a food blog detailing your culinary travels
  • Post photos of your workouts on Instagram
  • Create a unique Twitter hashtag for the two of you
  • Start a Youtube Channel together

You’ll have more to discuss and bond over, thus bringing you closer together. You should also incorporate your partner even if you are doing something separately. 

For instance, ask your partner for feedback and comments if you are working on a job assignment. If you are in school, request their assistance with your paper.

Do the Same Thing at the Same Time

This will make reduce the gap between you and your partner. You will feel closer to one another and form a bond at the same time. If you don’t know what to do, try one of the following:

  • Prepare the same dish on the same day
  • Read the same article or book 
  • Watch a movie at the same time
  • Use video phones to communicate while dining together
  • Sleep together

This can foster a sense of closeness. If time zones are too far apart, attempt to be online to wish your companion good morning or good night.

Learn Together

Choose a shared activity, such as taking an online language course or learning to crochet. Do anything you both find enjoyable which can bring you two closer together. In addition to being a terrific way to spend time together, it also gives you something to discuss.

The Ultimate Long Distance Relationship Guide 

Whether you get accepted to a college or a new job in another location, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your partner. You can make it work through daily communication, learning new things, or surprise visits. If you love your significant other, nothing can stand in your way.

Turning on Facetime, Skype, or Zoom can bring both of you closer together. You can finally sleep or watch a movie without noticing the distance. If you are looking for more long distance relationship advice, contact us today.

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