Is Your Sales Career Hurting Your Relationship?

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Sales positions are prevalent in this country and cover hundreds of industries. As a result, more than 13 million people work in this field.

A sales career can offer a great income and opportunities to move up the ladder, but these careers might also harm relationships. 

Are you struggling with your relationship because of your job? If so, you’re not alone. 

Keep reading this guide to learn the signs that your job might be damaging your relationship. You’ll also learn how to restore your relationship and balance your career and home life. 

Signs Your Sales Career is Impacting Your Relationship Negatively

Jobs can interfere with relationships no matter what type of career, but sales jobs can be more demanding, time-consuming, and challenging than other jobs.

So what signs indicate your career is harming your marriage or a long-term relationship? Here are some of the top ones:

Spending Too Much Time at Work

Your income relies on your sales, so you might spend more time at work than you should. In fact, many sales workers work seven days a week and are available for calls anytime.

When you start working too much, you must give up time doing other things. Unfortunately, this might mean giving up time with your spouse or significant other.

But relationships require time. If you’re spending too much time working, you’re likely failing to spend enough time building your relationships. 

Distracted and Irritated

Secondly, how is your mood? Do you find that you feel distracted and irritated when you’re home? You might feel this way from the pressure you have from your job, and you might not stop thinking about your job.

Focusing on your relationship is challenging when you feel irritated or distracted; your spouse will see and feel these things. As a result, your relationship might suffer. 

Talking About Work Too Much

Another sign is your conversation. What do you talk about when you finally spend time with your partner? Do you spend all your time talking about your job?

People tend to talk about the things on their minds. So, therefore, you’ll talk about work if that’s what you think about the most. 

However, your spouse might get tired of hearing about your work, especially if that’s all you talk about. Therefore, these conversations are not helpful when spending time with spouses. 

Failing to Work on Relationship

You can also tell that your relationship is suffering from your sales job if you fail to spend time working on your relationship. 

But you’ll have less time to work on your relationship if you work too much. Additionally, working on a relationship is difficult if you’re mind is always thinking about your job. 

Failing to work on a relationship can destroy it quickly. Marriage and relationships require work, time, and communication. 

Impact of Sales Jobs Issues

Sales jobs have numerous challenges, which might cause you to work harder and face more stress. Here are three serious issues you might struggle with that can affect your moods and relationships:

Variable Income of Sales

People with sales jobs don’t receive salaries, which means your paychecks are different every week. As a result, you might stress over your income. This stress can affect your relationship.

Negative Emotions From Lost Commissions

People in sales also experience disappointment and other negative emotions from lost commissions. You might even question yourself and your abilities if you don’t close as many deals as you hoped. 

Inability to Plan Long-Term

Finally, people in sales positions might face struggles as they try to complete long-term plans. After all, planning for the future is difficult when you don’t know how much you’ll earn from your commissions. 

Tips for Balancing Work and Relationships

So what can you do to balance work and relationships and reduce your stress?

The best advice you can receive is to be intentional about it. Being intentional means you keep this thought in the forefront of your mind. Failing to do this results in failing to work on the necessary balance. 

Here are several other ideas to consider to help you balance your job and marriage:

Make Time for Date Nights

Many couples don’t prioritize time together, but time together is not enough. It would help if you had quality time together, and an excellent idea for this is going on date nights

A date night is a night you plan for the two of you ahead of time. You can go to dinner or do other things during your date night, but the focus should be on the relationship. 

Going on date nights offers a way to spend time together doing something you enjoy. It provides time to discuss things, make goals, and focus on each other. 

Find Activities You Enjoy Together

Additionally, you might want to find some activities for couples to do together. You can do these things on your date nights or other times. You can also find things you enjoy doing at home.

For example, do you enjoy playing board games or cards? If so, you could make time to do this together once a week while you’re both home. Couples that have shared hobbies can enjoy each other during these activities.

Read The Alaska Pages by John Wyatt

Next, you might want to purchase the book The Alaska Pages. This book is excellent for people who work in sales jobs, but it’s also helpful for people with other careers.

This book contains 80 chapters that encourage you to think about things differently. You’ll learn how to find fulfillment in your job and how to succeed in your industry.

You’ll also learn how to beat the issues discussed early that come with sales jobs. Additionally, you can apply the principles to your personal life to build your marriage and other relationships. 

Seek Counseling 

Couples struggling in their relationships might also benefit from seeking counseling or life coaching services. It’s helpful to hear another person’s perspective on life, relationships, and work.

You can attend counseling yourself or as a couple. In either case, you’ll learn how to build your relationship. Additionally, you’ll learn other things, such as how to speak your partner’s love language

Counseling doesn’t only benefit a relationship, though. Instead, it can also help you with self-growth and discipline. Making time for this can have a deep impact on your life, job, and relationships. 

Seek Help for Your Relationship

Is your sales career harming your marriage or long-term relationship? If so, it might be helpful to recognize this problem and make some changes to fix it. 

Do you need help with your relationship? Contact us at Mend the Bond for therapy or relationship coaching services. You can also read our blog to learn more about mending your relationship. 

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