Marriage After Kids Leave the Home

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Marriage After Kids Leave the Home

Having children is often the ultimate dream for many couples. Raising and taking care of the kids becomes both parents’ number one priority. For this reason, it often becomes much more difficult for spouses to find time for each other and work on their relationship.

This is exactly why many couples struggle to keep the romance going after their kids have left home. Oftentimes, parents forget how things used to be without having children around constantly. This makes it difficult for them to communicate and find things in common, causing problems to begin wedging their way between them.

In this article, we will be discussing empty nest syndrome and exactly what it entails. We will also mention how you can go about maintaining your marriage after your children have left home.

Empty Nest Syndrome

In short, empty nest syndrome is a term used by experts to describe the pain and grief felt by parents who have had their children leave home. Although this condition is much more common in women because they are oftentimes the primary caregiver, many men also experience similar emotions.

This syndrome is extremely common. However, many parents do not recognize it, as the process of children moving out and gaining independence is seen as a healthy step towards becoming an adult.

A lot of the time, parents suffer from this syndrome while they are going through additional difficult life events, such as retirement or menopause. Having your child move out is often a wake-up call for parents, as it indicates that time is passing very quickly. In other words, it is a reminder that they are growing old.

After years of having children in the house, losing this company can put a lot of strain on marriages. Instead of focusing on the well-being of the kids, both spouses begin to start analyzing their relationship once again. However, since many couples put their children before their love lives, a lot of spouses notice the distance that has grown between them over the years.

In this way, empty nest syndrome can cause marriages to fail. This makes it very important that you plan in advance for the day that your children move out of the house. Below, we will be talking about a few ways that you can maintain your marriage when this time comes.

How to Maintain a Marriage After Your Children Have Left Home

So your children have left your home, and you are feeling that absence. You do not need to let this have an impact on your marriage, happiness, and enjoyment of life. Here we will look at some things you can do to restore balance to your life with your husband or wife when the kids are not around.

Go Out Together

For starters, you will need to prioritize time with your significant other. After years of focusing on your children, you can now begin to look at your own happiness and love life once again. In other words, try to rekindle the romance and passion that was once present between you and your partner.

This can be done in various ways. Many couples plan a date night, meaning that they go out together at least once a week. This keeps things exciting and gives you something to look forward to. You will also have plenty of time to find things in common again while you are on these dates.

Communicate and Discuss Your Emotions

Communication is absolutely vital when it comes to maintaining a marriage. For this reason, you should always be open with your partner, especially if you are going through a rough patch. Discuss how you feel about your children leaving the house, and if they feel the same way, make sure that you are there for one another. This will make your bond that much stronger.

Do the Things That You Used to Do Before Having Children

Oftentimes, the passion felt between two parents diminishes over time. To rekindle this spark, you can try doing the things that you or your significant other used to do when you first started dating.

For example, if you used to enjoy going out to restaurants or watching a movie together, start doing this again. This is a great way to get to know each other a little bit better and find things in common.

Try Out New Experiences Together

You could also try doing a few new things together. Since you are moving into a new phase of your life, finding new hobbies and interests together is a great way to keep the romance alive. You will also have plenty of additional free time on your hands since you no longer have to fret over your children.

Traveling is a great idea if you are trying to strengthen your bond. However, if you are unable to do this, simply going for a walk with your partner or sitting down and having dinner with them every night can be a great way to improve your communication and understanding of one another.


Enjoying your marriage after kids leave the home can be tough. Empty nest syndrome is a term used to describe the grief felt by parents who have had their children leave home. This condition is oftentimes not taken seriously; however, it can cause serious issues for individuals and their love lives.

There are a few ways that you can go about maintaining your marriage after your children have left home. For starters, make sure that you communicate with your significant other and discuss any emotions that you may be feeling. This will bring you closer together and allow you to feel supported.

Try doing the things that you used to do together before having children. This could be going on date nights or traveling. This is a great way to rekindle the spark that often diminishes over time.

Lastly, find new hobbies and experience new things together. This can dramatically strengthen your bond and help you find things in common.

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