Mend the Marriage Review [2021 Guide]

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If you are married and have been experiencing marriage problems, you have come to the right place.

There are many options to help couples rekindle their love and get through tough times. That being said, many of these are nothing more than money-grabbing schemes that don’t actually help.

We are talking about self-help programs. The program we will look at today is one such self-help program for married people.

We will take a closer look at a marriage counseling or one marriage self-help guide designed to save failing and stale marriages. This program is called ‘Mend the Marriage.’ What does it entail, and does it work?

What is ‘Mend the Marriage?’

In simple terms, Mend the Marriage is a program designed to stop divorces from happening. As you might know, the divorce rate is ridiculously high.

Many couples get married young and then divorce within years. It is unfortunate, and many people throw in the towel without trying to actually fix the marriage.

Mend the Marriage is designed for struggling marriages that have a hope of being saved, and even for those where it doesn’t seem like there is any hope left. This type of self-help counseling guide incorporates a series of educational e-books and videos that focus on various topics to help save marriages.

About the Creator – Brad Browning

The man who created this marriage self-help program is Brad Browning. Browning is a Canadian who comes from Vancouver. There, he spent many years as a counselor, marriage counselor, and relationship expert.

In his time as a marriage counselor, he helped literally hundreds of marriages get back on the right track.

He also happens to be a long-time divorce expert and relationship coach. Browning’s years of knowledge and experience, combined with his inherent need to help people around him, resulted in creating the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program.

We found that Browning is a real person and a legitimate marriage counselor through all of our research and vetting.

He’s not a paid actor or a phony looking to make a quick buck. This guy is the real deal, which is a positive sign in terms of the legitimacy of the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program.

Mend The Marriage

How Does Mend The Marriage Work?

Like any other self-help guide or counseling program, ‘Mend the Marriage’ incorporates various aspects designed to allow husbands and wives to openly communicate with each other, resolve differences and disputes, and bring romance back into the marriage.

Of course, there is more to it than this, but that is the basis of ‘Mend the Marriage.’

Through a series of videos, books, extras, and even team-building worksheets, ‘Mend the Marriage’ aims to solve the differences in a marriage, get couples back on the same page, and bring some romance back into the equation.

In terms of exactly how this program, let’s discuss what is included and what the main principles are.

Something to keep in mind is that marriage involves two people, usually a man and a woman.

Whether you are a man or woman, the problems you face in a marriage and the solutions to those problems can be different. Therefore, this course or guide is divided into two sections—one for men and one for women.

When you first sign up for and purchase the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program, you will be asked if you are a man or woman, and the self-help book you get will be based on your answer.

The books included in this program are specifically designed for either men or women, as the problems they face in marriages are usually gender-specific.

ABCD – The Basis of Mend the Marriage

Before we discuss what the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program includes when you buy it, we first want to look at one of the central tenets or concepts you will encounter.

Brad Browning refers to it as the ABCD method, a proven method that has been shown to help heal failing relationships.

A. Accept the Situation

This first stage sounds very simple, and you would think that most people easily accept their situation.

However, this is not the case, as many are in denial about the state of their marriage. This first stage is all about accepting the condition of your marriage. You have to accept and acknowledge your marriage’s various problems if you hope to move on from them.

B. Build Resilience

This second stage is all about positive thinking, healthy living, and not blaming yourself too much for the current situation.

This stage teaches you about eating right, exercising, getting adequate sleep, and looking after yourself. If you can’t look after yourself, looking after a relationship is much more difficult.

C. Commit to Change

The third stage is all about sticking with your new good habits and your new outlook. It’s all about committing yourself to change, becoming a better person and a better marriage partner.

D. Dedicating Yourself to the Task

This fourth and final stage is about following through with your commitments. This stage is about coming clean, admitting your errors, and permanently changing your ways for the better.

What is Included?

Now that we know what the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program is and some of its central tenets, let’s look at what you get with your purchase.

  1. You get a 270-page interactive e-book. Remember that one is for men, and one is for women, so be sure to select the appropriate gender when you first make your purchase. This book covers an extensive variety of topics, all related to saving a marriage.
  2. There is a 4-hour audio course that you can listen to on your own time, where Brad Browning takes you on a journey and explains how to heal a failing marriage.
  3. You also get a 7-part video series, each of which covers a specific aspect or problem marriages face. These videos include simple solutions to big problems and various guides on becoming a better person and a better marriage partner.
  4. There are team-building worksheets. These are two-person exercises designed for married couples to complete together.
  5. There are then some bonus books included as well.
  6. “Infidelity Survival Guide,” an aptly named book, talks about how to deal with and get past a partner who has cheated.
  7. “Children & Divorce” discusses how divorce affects children.
  8. “Marriage Money Matters” concerns how money affects marriages.

The Cost and Where to Buy it

The only place to buy the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program is from the official site, the link to which is right here.

The program itself costs $49.95, which is a very reasonable price. What is also great about it is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back.

Does ‘Mend the Marriage’ Work?

At Mend the Bond, we try to find actionable help that will allow you to become the person you want to be, inside the relationship you want. The bottom line is that the ‘Mend the Marriage’ program, although it obviously is not perfect, does have some genuine potential.

For one, there are literally hundreds of user testimonials and online reviews that confirm that ‘Mend the Marriage’ has worked for them. We think that this is a legitimate program with great potential. What needs to be said is that both parties in the marriage must be willing to do the work for this kind of program to work.

Remember, marriage involves two people, and it takes both parties to fix it.

The Final Verdict

We think that Brad Browning’s ‘Mend the Marriage’ program is worth checking out. If your marriage has seen better days, just because things look gloomy right now, it does not mean that there is no hope.

With a great program like this, you can save your marriage with a bit of effort and time invested.

Mend The Marriage

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