Can You Reignite the Romance In Your Marriage?

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the divorce rate was 7.6% in 2019. If you’re one of the millions of married couples in the country contemplating divorce, the loss of romance may be a symptom or a cause. Either way, there are many ways you can reignite the romance in your marriage and create the relationship of your dreams.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to reignite the passion and save your marriage. Keep reading to learn some important tips that can help you. 

Work on Your Emotional Intimacy

If you’re wondering how to fix a marriage the first thing you need to work on is improving your emotional intimacy as partners. Meeting your spouse’s needs isn’t just about the physical aspect, it’s about feeling connected enough to express what you need out of the partnership. 

Approaching each other lovingly and compassionately can make disagreements easier to get through. Not getting defensive when your partner brings something up is a good way to improve emotional intimacy. 

Communicate Better 

Communication is vital to any kind of relationship. It helps build trust and can make solving problems easier. 

Working on improving your communication in your marriage can make the difference between divorce or rebuilding a loving marriage. Learning how to communicate in marriage is easier said than done, however. 

The key to communication is to always be honest and talk about what you’re feeling. If something made you feel bad, say it. You can only work through issues if you bring them up. 

Reexamine Yourself

If you’ve searched how to fix my marriage online more often than you’d like to admit, the key is to look within yourself. If you’ve found yourself blaming all your marital issues on your spouse, it’s time to examine what you’ve been doing wrong. 

Taking responsibility for the mistakes you’ve made is a giant step towards healing. When both partners can admit to where you’ve made errors you can both work to find solutions. 

Try Improving Your Sex Life 

Physical intimacy is a major factor in many marital issues. The passion that partners feel early in the relationship tends to fade as time goes by and you get into a daily life routine.

Reignite your romance by trying to improve your sex life. If you’re often the one too tired for sex try to initiate more so your partner begins to feel wanted again.

Touch more often too. This can be simple things like holding hands when running errands or cuddling while you watch a movie on the couch. 

Work Out Your Money Problems 

Money problems can create stress and often become a contributor to relationship problems. If you want to get your wife back talk about money issues you’re having.

Be able about shared financial struggles. Work out an agreement on how to budget for expenses and how to save.

Resolving these issues can improve your relationship and save your marriage. When you aren’t so stressed about your finances you can work on spending quality time together. 

Take the Time to Listen

Another often overlooked tip but one that can mend your marriage is taking the time to listen to your spouse. It might seem simple but listening takes some skill and practice too. 

Most often you’re just waiting for your turn to talk or interrupting when the other person is speaking. Listening means clearing your mind, taking in every word your partner says without letting your feelings get in the way of what they’re trying to tell you. 

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Try New Things Together 

You have to put in the work to get your husband back. This means getting to know each other all over again by spending more time together. 

Rediscover your interests or find new things you both love by trying new things together. Trying new things and learning together as partners can improve your relationship and make you a happier couple.

If you’re both interested in getting back in shape you can take up a sport or try a class together. You can learn a new language or learn to dance together, the options are endless. 

List the Changes You Want 

Talking about the things you want to change is one thing but actually following through with them might prove more difficult. Physically writing down the changes you want to make as individuals and as a couple can make following through more possible. 

Putting up your list on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror is a great way to look at your list of goals every day. Seeing the goals you wrote down every day will give you more motivation to make the changes you want. 

Show Appreciation 

Other marriage communication tips you should know include showing appreciation. While partners don’t often do things to receive praise, everyone feels good when they’re appreciated.

Communicating your appreciation when your spouse does something will surely improve your relationship because it shows them that you see them and value them. Compliment or thank your partner when they cook you a meal or when they take out the trash. 

Spend Time Away From Technology

Technology can be a bridge for communication but it can also be a barrier to it. Technology is a part of almost every aspect of life but it’s important to take a step back from it from time to time. 

Spending too much time watching tv or scrolling through social media can keep you from spending quality time with your partner. Take technology breaks when you can and remember to enjoy having genuine conversations away from any distractions. 

Reignite the Romance In Your Marriage With These Tips 

Mend the marriage and improve your relationship with the tips in the guide above. Improving your communication and emotional intimacy is vital to saving your marriage and bringing back the passion you once had. 

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