Signs Your Relationship Is Going to the Next Level

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Relationships are often daunting in the beginning. Both parties attempt to develop a level of trust with someone who is not a stranger or friend, seeking advice from friends along the way as you navigate through an awkward and exciting stage of life.

Things only get more daunting, yet also more exciting, as you both take a huge step in your relationship stage, taking it from romantic interest to a solid relationship. We will delve into some of the signs your relationship is going to the next level and some questions to ask yourself along the way to ensure a healthy, strong bond.

Signs Your Relationship Is Going to the Next Level

While relationships have a common form or pattern, they are, just like each of us, unique in how they develop. There is no point-by-point breakdown of numbered steps or signs that each couple will go through, but there are a few which must be realized and understood if you wish to establish a meaningful and lasting relationship.

One of the most common signs is that your partner will want to be in an exclusive relationship with you. This is not just an essential step that you both need to take in order to have a healthy relationship; it is also a sign of trust. It is her saying that she wants to have you in her life, that she wants to have a more profound level of intimacy with you.

It is then up to you if you are willing to open yourself up to vulnerability and the uncertain intimacy of a mature relationship. However, it is also essential to ask yourself some serious questions before you both commit to each other.

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When Should You Move Your Relationship to the Next Level?

Both of you should only move onto the next level when you are both willing to commit to each other when you are ready and wanting to include them in your daily life. Often, we rush into this stage, propelling ourselves into it as we are fueled by the “love hormones” and ecstasy of new love without taking a moment to look inward, to look at ourselves and ask the question — are you ready?

We often, intentionally or not, enter relationships on the flip of a coin or when passion overwhelms us due to a multitude of reasons. The danger of this is that many enter a new relationship as a form of escape, using it as an emotional crutch to make themselves feel better, to make themselves feel wanted.

Often, this means that they are not in the relationship for each other but for themselves. This is not to say that you are guilty of the same; it is instead an example of the burden that our own unresolved issues can lay onto us as well as the potential damage and harm we may inflict onto our partner or that they may inflict onto you.

So, you should only move onto the next stage of your relationship when you are ready and when you are sure that your own issues or traumas will not harm your partner. That does not mean that you need to wait and resolve each of your issues before seeking love, but that you are aware of them, that you are working on them.

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What Should You Not Do in the Early Stages of Dating?

Just as we have the potential of using our partner as a crutch, we also have the potential to over glamourize them, to make them out as more flawless than they are. This is an issue that stems both from ourselves as well as from social media platforms from which we are constantly bombarded with images of so-called “relationship role models”.

You must not continuously measure and compare your own relationship to those of celebrities, trying to replicate their flawless depictions only to feel hollow when you fail to meet them. Your relationship is yours and your partner’s, the good, the bad, the sad, and the happy.

You need to remember that you are both just people, beautifully flawed and flawless in your own ways. Be aware of who your partner really is, be mindful of their flaws, and step away if need be if you realize that your relationship is an unhealthy one. Or step in if you recognize that your partner needs help if they are struggling. Remember, you are human.

What is the Hardest Stage of a Relationship?

One of the hardest parts of a relationship is keeping it a balanced relationship, as you try to juggle your own priorities in life as well as your shared priorities. This very juggling act will at times strain the relationship or married life as you both chase after your own goals.

A chase, which may necessitate long work hours or frequent traveling, can turn your stable relationship into a long-distance relationship. All that matters is that you both still need to make time for each other, that you are both a part of each other lives; a strong connection between partners is sure to weather many a storm.

What Are Some Signs You Are in a Healthy Relationship?

This article has hinted at signs one should know to understand if they are in a healthy relationship, such as mutual acceptance of who they are, not perceiving them as flawless, being there for each other, and featuring in each other’s lives.

Another important indicator is that your relationship allows you to keep and socialize with your circle of friends and that you continue to do activities with friends together. If your partner ever prohibits or takes this away from you, then it is no longer a healthy relationship.

Relationships can be daunting, but if you are both ready for the commitment and challenges along the way, then you will be rewarded with a level of intimacy that has inspired poets and artists from the times of the ancient Greeks to that of our own.

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