What Should You Expect From a Spiritual Retreat for Couples?

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Approximately 50% of marriages don’t work out and end up in divorce. Whether you’re married or not, you might struggle in your relationship. So, what should you do if you’re experiencing problems?

Many couples seek counseling for their issues, but others take it further by signing up for a spiritual retreat. 

Going on a spiritual retreat is an excellent idea if you want your relationship to work out, but what should you expect when going?

Keep reading this guide to learn about spiritual retreats and what to expect when going to one.

Consider Why You’re Going

Spiritual retreats for couples are great for all kinds of situations.

For example, some couples attend them simply to strengthen their relationships. These couples might not have any significant issues but are proactive with their relationships.

Other couples wait to attend spiritual retreats until they’re on the brink of divorce. Of course, saving a relationship at this point is harder, but it’s still worth a try.

You might consider some of the reasons couples divorce and the issues you’re currently facing. Are they serious? Do they require intervention? 

You might also consider your mindset about the relationship. For example, do you want to make it work? Are you willing to work hard to improve it and save it?

Additionally, you might want to discuss the idea with your partner before signing up. Of course, both partners need to be on board with the idea.

Understand the Setting

So, if you decide to go, you might want to learn more about the setting of a couple’s retreat. Of course, you can choose from various options. However, in most cases, it’s like taking a vacation. 

For example, you can choose retreats that mimic a couple’s beach vacation. These retreats offer beautiful settings right on the beach. They offer serene atmospheres that most couples love.

Some retreats are in the mountains or woods, offering a different type of serene setting. You can also find other settings and consider the options before selecting one.

You can also choose from various lengths. Most retreats last three to five days, but there are variations. These retreat centers provide an uninterrupted atmosphere that helps couples relax and feel welcome. 

Attend With an Open Mind

After choosing a retreat to attend, you’ll likely want to know what else to expect. However, learning how to prepare for the event properly is also vital.

The primary way to prepare is by getting your mind ready for the event. So, how do you prepare your mind? First, you can prepare by aiming for an open mind.

Consider how well the retreat will go if you attend with a hard, stubborn mind and heart. With this mindset, you might waste the entire trip in your stubbornness.

Instead, consider the effects of going with an open mind. What differences would you experience if you went with a hopeful mind ready to work on your problems?

Your mindset and attitude affect how well the retreat helps your relationship. Therefore, you might want to spend a few weeks preparing for the event. 

Additionally, you must fill out paperwork that explains the problems you’re having, as the counselors must review this before meeting with you.

Meet With Counselors

When you arrive, you’ll find your room and have time to settle into it. Next, you might have time to walk around the grounds to see what it’s like and what it offers. 

You’ll also get to meet your counselors. Every retreat has its own procedures and methods, but most use a combination of group meetings and individual meetings.

Therefore, you might have to attend some group lectures as part of the couples retreat counseling itinerary. Additionally, you’ll meet with counselors. 

You can expect to meet with a counselor for couples meetings, but you might also meet with a counselor individually. The counselor guides these sessions based on the issues you’re experiencing in your relationship. 

The counselors won’t take sides. But instead, they aim to help you work through the issues. These counselors use a spiritual approach when discussing issues and helping you resolve them. 

Complete Homework

While you’re at the retreat, they might assign homework to do between sessions. You might have some to do yourself, but most of it requires working with your partner. 

The goal is to help you build stronger communication and talk about the issues that matter. You might learn many things through the homework, including your partner’s love language.

You might also have assignments that teach you how to forgive each other for past offenses and how to develop better communication skills for future conversations. 

You can reap many couples counseling benefits through the homework your counselors assign. 

Leave With a Refreshed Sense of Hope

Spiritual retreats are designed to serve several goals. The primary goal is to give a couple a sense of hope for their relationship. 

Many couples lose hope when struggling with issues that seem to have no answers or solutions. However, this can change when they seek help by attending a retreat. 

Feeling a sense of hope gives you the drive to try. Additionally, it gives you a sense of peace and optimism. 

Another purpose of a spiritual retreat is to help you see things in a different light. If you can view your relationship and the issues differently, you might find solutions on your own.

Finally, you’ll learn how to solve problems when they arise. If you can learn these skills, you won’t need to attend counseling when you experience problems. Instead, you’ll have the tools to solve them yourself. 

Attend a Spiritual Retreat to Mend Your Relationship

Attending a spiritual retreat is a great way to mend your relationship and start healing from the past. Are you ready to find one?

Contact us at Mend the Bond for relationship advice and to learn more about spiritual retreat options. 

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